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Download compact schedule as PDF

Download Compact Schedule as PDF

The GeoIT WhereCamp Conference is a premier conference focusing on the latest trends and insights around digital mapping, navigation and local intelligence within the GeoIT domain.

We will once again be joined by industry leaders, experts and map enthusiasts who will share their vision and exchange ideas as to how maps, navigation and local intelligence are evolving and transforming our everyday lives. In the 2000s, car guidance solutions started to gain mainstream popularity. At the time few could have predicted the rapid pace at which maps, mobile and IoT technologies would gain traction and start transforming the way humans navigate and interact with the world around them.

Today mapping and navigation are amongst the most popular everyday usages of mobile devices. Finding your location on a phone is no longer a novelty, it has become a standard consumer expectation. Increasingly mobile gadgets such as digital cameras, watches, and even glasses are becoming location enabled. Businesses are using maps to draw more meaningful local insights, and to optimize the way they operate.

Digital maps, navigation and local intelligence have become an integral part of our everyday lives. In the years ahead, how will consumer expectations and business needs continue to evolve, and what challenges will the location industry need to overcome? How will spatial data, routing algorithms, interactive maps and location sensors need to adapt? What new hardware will be required, and what will be the role of indoor positioning sensors, IoT, autonomous cars or drones?

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EU Galileo Hackathon at GeoIT Wherecamp Conference 2016


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