Martin Hammitzsch

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam – GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
CeGIT Centre for GeoInformation Technology

Currently, I am responsible for the integrated data management of a novel observing system in the research field ‘Earth and Environment’. It comprises flexible and mobile observation modules which are specifically designed to investigate the interactions of short-term events and long-term trends across Earth compartments.
Furthermore, I am involved in developing concepts to strengthen the recognition and acknowledgement of scientific software and to moor software engineering practices in research. In parallel, I transfer research results towards an operational system for early warning purposes in the field of natural hazards, in particular tsunamis. Before that, I was involved for nearly six years with the implementation of tsunami early warning systems in the Indian Ocean region and the NE Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea region in two successive research projects.
Ahead of my research activities I have been active for more than eight years in the field of dynamic Web application development in full time and during my studies. In my education, more than fifteen years ago, I established a Web based communication and training platform for an education branch of a global technology company.