Hinrich Claussen

Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH, Hildesheim

GDF Developer

Product Manager at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia
Business Unit Commercial Vehicle

Mentor at Universities Hanover and Hildesheim and at MentorMe Berlin

Coach at GISMA Business School in Hannover

More than 20 Publications on Digital Mapping, Topography, Hydrography
Some dates:

  • 1959 April 16th born in Köhlen, now Geestland
  • 1977 Graduation from High School in Bederkesa, now Geestland
  • 1986 Diploma in Geodesy, University of Hannover
    Assistant Teacher at Institute for Cartography University of Hannover
  • 1989 Robert Bosch GmbH, R&D – standardization
  • From 1993 Helped to build up Product division Digital Map
  • From 1997 Managed Product Development for Tele Atlas, now TomTom
  • 2001 Proxy and National Management Board Tele Atlas Germany
  • 2005 MBA from Purdue University, Indiana/USA and GISMA Business School
  • From 2005 Business Development and Marketing at Blaupunkt,
    now Robert Bosch Car Multi Media GmbH