DI Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez

Phd Fellow
Sustainable Buildings and Cities
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez PhD researcher at the Austrian Institute of Technology. His doctoral thesis focuses on decentralized models of creativity and tools for co-creation in cities. His master thesis focused on art in public spaces and the participation of communities in the development of their environments.

Since 2006 he began to explore the relation between architecture, digital media and urban space. He has developed projects that enable new forms of interaction; the participatory creation of patterns for digital facades; or enable urban communities to participate in the development of their cities. His projects has been exhibited at the Ars Electronica festival in Austria, the Media Architecture biennale in Denmark and the Media Architecture summit in Beijing. In Vienna he participated in the design and installation of a media facade for the display of video art and interactive installations. With the project “Cicloscopio” he won a Jury-award in the Velo-city cicling visionary awards 2013. He was selected as finalist for the Paseo project (Zaragoza) competitions of 2012 and 2013.