Developing content for the new Google Earth

Ubilabs GmbH

Download Presentation:19-Developing content for the new Google Earth-Patrick Mast-Ubilabs

Earlier this year, Google has released a new version of Google Earth for web and mobile. One of Google Earth’s exciting new features is Voyager – a platform for stories around the globe. With Voyager, Google Earth not only takes you to your desired destination, but immerses you into a global adventure where there’s a lot to do, learn, and explore. For the past year, Ubilabs has been supporting Google in the designing, production and processing of this content. Coming up with unique approaches to storytelling and translating these ideas to Voyager’s functional and visual features has been a challenging experience. Among the content is an interactive special for the 2017 solar eclipse, a series of stories about the Brazilian rainforest, and adaptations of existing Google content like Treks and Streetview Collections. In this presentation we talk about our experiences of developing Voyager stories: the need for new storytelling approaches, technical challenges, and working on a all new product.